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In this project, we designed the exclusive VIP terminal in the Erbil Airport for the privileged use of the top state officials in the country of Iraq. This terminal would be attached to the hangar that was already constructed.

Location :  Erbil

Year : 2014

Client / Built Area :  N/A / 5.000 m²

Function :  Transport


By analyzing the visual and functional qualities, local vegetation, climatic conditions, and user profiles for this high-end project, we produced a well-planned architectural design that conformed to the local conditions. Following our detailed environmental analyses, we designed the exclusive VIP terminal by covering the hangar building with the local vegetation and forming a spiraling structure with the resulting soil and roof structure. We carried the existing topographic floor to the roof in order to cover the hangar building and establish temperature control.

This spiraling structure would not only protect the building from the ambient hot weather, but also increase the security and privacy for the users of this terminal. The track that surrounded the building was functionalized as a semi-permeable privacy wall and a sunscreen. The inner garden at the center of the spiral was strategically located to support the air conditioning and air circulation.

This two floor structure was designed with locations such as airport facilities, VIP restaurants, and meeting rooms at the entrance floor and exclusive lounges that served the top state officials of the country on the first floor. Ceremonial areas and transportation line boundaries were supported with reflection pools. This form that we created as a result of environmental analyses provided solutions to the main criteria of privacy, security, and environmental issues.

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