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Located in the Maldives, Heenfaru Island is a reclaimed island. The project is a hotel complex that sits on an island area of 45,000 m2 and consists of 90 villas in total, 60 of which are “Water Villas” and 30 “Beach Villas”, with a welcoming area, restaurants, bar, spa, shops, diving center, beach, and children's playground. Heenfaru Island, which is completely in nature, reflects the luxury holiday concept of the Maldives and takes its design inspiration from the color palette brought by its climate and geography. In the interior design, materials that reference the refreshing and calming effect of the Mediterranean culture, handmade decorative elements and patterns are included, while natural materials are used throughout the design. In common areas, structural designs were made with bamboo and similar natural materials, and local materials of the region were obtruded.

Location :  Heenfaru / Maldives

Year : 2017 - 2019

Client / Built Area : Think Advertising / 45.000 m²

Function :  Resort Hotel


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