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Located in Çanakkale, Kaz Mountains, Kalkım Lake House is a residential project for our customer, who loves outdoor life, nature and various outdoor sports, and includes the renovation of the existing prefabricated structure and the design of an additional building where guests can be hosted. One of the main goals while designing the structures against the unique view of Kalkım Pond was that the users could make maximum use of this view and nature. For this reason, while the terrace of the existing building was expanded, a large terrace and semi-open common areas were designed in the same way in the additional building, and the outside life was supported. Space allocations have been made to serve different functions in various locations. Eaves design has been made on the terrace for sun and heat control. Within the scope of the project, facade changes were made for the existing prefabricated building and its harmony with the additional building was ensured.

Location :  Kalkim / Canakkale

Year : 2021 - Ongoing

Client / Built Area : N/A – 1000 m²

Function :  Residential


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