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This project was named Pix Plaza upon its pixelated exterior design. The most important quality of this office building project was its location, which was at the avenue where rapidly developing business quarters and important office buildings of the Anatolian side of Istanbul are located.

Location :  Umraniye / Istanbul

Year : 2015

Client / Built Area :  Yapi&Yapi Insaat / 50.000 m²

Function :  Office


In other words, this office building was planned to be located on the work and trade center of the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Because the surrounding office buildings did not have any areas for employee common usage and socialization, these individuals became the target group for this project. Before the functions of the project were decided upon, we conducted analyses and modelled the social and physical utilization needs of individuals working in the neighboring buildings. This project was aimed to serve as the social center of that location.

The forms of the buildings were designed to enable access from all directions. This was accomplished after the creation and analysis of circulation graphs depicting pedestrian circulation between buildings. The pedestrian use of both streets were connected via openings located at the ground floor. The common usage areas were situated at the ground and basement floors where access was possible from all locations.

This project that has gained significant importance in that area due to its location was designed as 2 blocks and was functionalized as 12 office floors above ground. The basement and ground floors were utilized as restaurants, cafes, exhibition areas, gyms, and conference and meeting rooms. While entry to the office buildings required controlled passage, all social areas were planned to be open to the public.

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