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Bai Thung is a Resort hotel project combining rich nature and local culture. It is located on the edge of Bai Thung Bay, where the forests of the UNESCO-certified Chua National Park have been recognized as a national-level scenic spot by the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The local area between the cities of Nha Trang and Phan Rang has a surprisingly rich cultural mix. In the design of the project, it is aimed to create a "seaside paradise" atmosphere where customers will feel peaceful by taking reference from its rocky geography that includes all shades of blue and green and the cultural elements of Vietnamese civilization. In order to support this, local / cultural and natural materials were used, and the design was integrated with geography with a color palette that references the tones of the ocean and sand.

Location :  Ninh Thuan / Vietnam

Year : 2021- Ongoing

Client / Built Area : Crystal Bay / 10.500 m²

Function :  Resort Hotel


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